Our different payment methods

→ By bank card

Make your purchases with complete peace of mind thanks to our secure credit card payment system. Once your basket has been validated and your contact details have been entered, you will be redirected to a summary page where you can choose the delivery address of your choice, especially if it differs from the billing address. Then simply click on “Continue” to proceed to the next step.

We offer a payment method by credit card via our secure payment service provider, Stripe Secure Payment. Rest assured that the payment page is completely secure, and only our payment service providers will have access to your banking details.

To make the payment, simply enter your credit card number and its expiry date. Your payment will be recorded directly on the payment service provider's website in encrypted mode to guarantee the security of your data.

Once the payment service provider has verified and validated your payment, your order will be confirmed. If, however, the payment service provider refuses the transaction, please note that GEN PERFORMANCE reserves the right to cancel your order.

So you can shop with peace of mind, knowing that we take the security of your personal information very seriously. If you have any questions or need assistance during the purchasing process, do not hesitate to contact our customer service who will be happy to assist you.

Learn more about Stripe's payment terms and conditions

→ By Paypal

With PayPal, take advantage of one of the most reliable payment systems that ensures your transactions without ever disclosing your banking details to beneficiaries. You can make payments securely using just your email address and password.

By choosing PayPal, you also benefit from complete protection in the event of fraudulent use of your account. In the event of an incident, we will refund you in full to give you absolute peace of mind.

Trust PayPal for fast, secure, hassle-free payments. Our commitment to the security of your personal and financial information is at the heart of our concerns, and we do everything we can to ensure a risk-free online payment experience for you.

Find out more about the general payment conditions with Paypal